First Impressions: Why All the Austen Haters Are Wrong

Ep 61: Movie Review: Sense and Sensibility 2008

May 23, 2021

[Episode recorded 5/15/21] Welcome, gentle listeners, to our review of the 2008 miniseries Sense & Sensibility, written by Andrew Davies and starring Hattie Moran as Elinor and Charity Wakefield as Marianne. While it's not easy to make a new version of S&S with the specter of the 1996 Ang Lee movie in the background, this game adaptation has some enjoyable points, especially with regard to the Willoughby/Marianne pairing. And Maggie is back to share her witty repartee and sing us a song! Note, as usual, this episode has some commentary that is not suitable for little ears. 

Movie IMDB Link here:

The intro includes a clip of Peggy Lee's performance of Why Don't You Do Right? From this YouTube clip:

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