Ep 34: Clueless (and A Lot of Other Stuff) with Special Guest Ellie

January 16, 2019

Hello gentle listeners! We're excited to welcome our second FI fan and Clueless aficianado, Ellie, onto the podcast! Join us for a freewheeling discussion about Clueless and its impact on pop culture and subsequent Austen adaptations. We touch on lots of fun details about the movie, including a discussion of the book As If: The Oral History of Clueless by Jen Cheney. There is also quite a long tangent about Persuasion, for which Kristin takes full responsibility!


Ep 33: Clueless with Special Guest Tash

December 17, 2018

Listeners, we're so excited to put out our first of two Clueless episodes! This episode stars longtime listener Tash from Sydney, an Austen scholar who helps to illuminate the brilliance of Clueless as a high-value, highly entertaining adaptation of Austen's beloved novel, Emma. Listen to learn about how Cher interacts with gender and the patriarchy (as if!), why 90s society in wealthy Los Angeles is a great substitute for Regency England, and why "you're a virgin who can't drive" is the ultimate Emma diss!


Ep 32: Movie Review: Mansfield Park 2007 (Billie Piper)

October 21, 2018

Gentle listeners, rejoice! We're reviewing another Austen movie adaptation, this one the 2007 ITV adaptation of Mansfield Park, starring Billie Piper as Fanny Price. Listen as we discuss Fanny's spunky badminton chops, Haley Atwell's winsome take on Mary Crawford, and Edmund's incomprehensibly strange bangs. To nobody's surprise, Kristin didn't like it. Credits for the movie can be found at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0847182/


Ep 31: Part 2 of What Matters in Jane Austen - Book Review

August 19, 2018

We're back with our second (and final) episode on John Mullan's book, What Matters in Jane Austen: Twenty Crucial Puzzles Solved! This time, Maggie and Kristin tackle the subjects "Did Sisters Sleep Together?" and "What Games Did the Characters Play?" Get ready from some surprising insights that stem from these basic questions, as we plumb the depths of sisterly relationships in Austen's work, and revisit one of the famous set pieces in Mansfield Park: the game of Speculation.


Ep 30: Book Discussion: What Really Matters in Jane Austen by John Mullan

July 17, 2018

First Impressions fans! We're SO EXCITED to release our discussion of the brilliant book, What Matters in Jane Austen? Twenty Crucial Puzzles Solved by John Mullan. This book is full of surprising connections, fascinating analysis, and deep insight into Austen's life and works. In this episode we dig into two specific chapters of the book, focusing in on the topics of "sex" and "death" in Austen's work to produce our most metal podcast ever! (And you'll have to forgive the several wedding-related digressions.)


Ep 29: Part 4 of Movie Commentary for the 1995 Pride and Prejudice Miniseries

July 8, 2018

Hi First Impressions fans! We know you're all waiting with bated breath for our next major episode, but in the meantime, here's the fourth installment of our movie commentary series for the 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries to tide you over. Keep your eye out for our next episode on What Matters in Jane Austen, by John Mullan, which will be coming in the next few weeks!


Ep 28: Movie Commentary Part 3 1995 Pride and Prejudice Miniseries

May 4, 2018

Gentle listeners, rejoice! Maggie and Kristin are reunited once more, this time broadcasting from beautiful Boise, ID, where we tackle the thrilling third episode of the 1995 miniseries adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. This is a movie commentary track, so you can listen while watching the movie, or simply just follow along while doing all those boring data entry tasks at work, or folding that pile of laundry!


Ep 27: Movie Commentary Part 2 1995 Pride and Prejudice Miniseries

March 25, 2018

Hello First Impressioners! We're continuing our commentary track series of that oh-so-perfect adaptation, the 1995 Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. The track was recorded while watching the second episode of the miniseries, but if you know the movie by heart like we do, you can also listen to it on its own! We hope to cover the whole series, so stay tuned for more tracks coming next month. And thanks for listening. :)


Ep 26: Movie Commentary: 1995 Pride and Prejudice Miniseries

February 19, 2018

Hello First Impressioners! As promised, we're releasing the first of our commentary tracks on the 1995 classic Pride and Prejudice miniseries. The track was recorded while watching the first episode of the miniseries, but if you're familiar with the movie, Maggie tells me it can be listened to on its own as well! Stay tuned for more of these commentary tracks coming soon!


Ep 25: P&P Part 2 Part Deux

December 17, 2017

Dear First Impressions listeners, thank you for being so patient with us. After many technical difficulties, we're so glad to present the second installment of our re-visitation of Pride and Prejudice! In this episode, we probe the Darcy-Elizabeth relationship, and how they both grow and change and come together to teach the admiring masses what conjugal felicity really is.