First Impressions: Why All the Austen Haters Are Wrong

Ep 60: Diversity and Inclusion in Austen Fandom with Bianca Hernandez-Knight

April 22, 2021

In this episode we welcome special guest Bianca Hernandez-Knight to talk about current affairs in the Jane Austen fandom, including the push that dedicated Janeites are making to foster inclusion in our online community. Join us to hear about the barriers that BIPOC and other marginalized Janeites continue to encounter in Austen fan spaces, and why representation in Austen adapations is so important to growing a diverse Janeite community. Finally, learn about her upcoming Virtual Jane Con event on May 1-2, 2021!


You can find Bianca online at Bookhoarding on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and check out her new patreon!

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