First Impressions: Why All the Austen Haters Are Wrong

Ep 42: Among the Janeites - Part 1

September 2, 2019

Join us, listeners, for part one of our discussion of Among the Janeites: A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fandom, authored by journalist Deborah Yaffe. As a "a warm and witty look at the passionate, thriving world of Austen fandom," this book satisfied our curiosity about famous Janeites, centered our understanding of our fabulous fandom, and gave us plenty of context for our own Austen-love. The book contains stories from fans whose lives were touched and irreparably changed by their relationship with Austen, and your First Impressions podcasters can certainly relate. [Content warning: Mental illness]

Options for purchasing the book can be found on the author's website:

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